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A look ahead …

  • CMHC is projecting a 3.5 million home shortage by 2030, with over 1.4 million of those in Ontario alone. This shortage is on top of historical new housing construction, so if economic factors (depression) slow construction, or immigration increases (war/disaster), the situation will worsen.
  • The governments talk about addressing the issue by increasing the National Housing Strategy budget, or various Housing Action Plans, but this only helps established developers create more unaffordable housing. What is needed are new forms of housing that are affordable, but unfortunately these do not typically meet the criteria for government funding.
  • While this outlook is bleak, we want to offer a glimmer of hope, but it needs everyone deciding to make a difference. Whether it is because you want a home you can afford to rent or buy, or you want an affordable home for your young-adult children, or you want something you can afford to retire/downsize into, or you want to slow the growth of the unhoused in your community, or you want to help someone reintegrate into society, consider support our tiny home community initiatives.
  • Our homes are in addition to traditional housing construction, so every one directly addresses the housing crisis. Not only do they provide affordable community housing for singles, couples, and single parents with young child, by right-sizing seniors through downsizing, it increases the supply of homes for larger family units, effectively addressing all housing needs.

Help Us Build Communities

We have strong beliefs that tiny home community housing can be built and managed co-operatively by those living in the communities. More than just an affordable place to live, we believe they can provide community, a missing component in many people’s lives today. 

  • More then just housing.

    We believe in creating more than just affordable housing, so we are building connected communities where people have the time to enjoy life.

  • Community is key.

    We believe that community is key to any thriving town, so we are designing year-round social gathering, along with co-working spaces where neighbours get to know each other.

  • Integrate nature.

    We believe people are wired to connect with and thrive in nature, so we’re weaving nature into the very fabric of the communities we create.

  • Enviromental responsibility.

    We believe the environment is worth protecting so we design and build in a way that is sustainable, eco-responsible, creating a housing option that is also good for the planet.

  • Not-for-profit housing.

    We believe that housing should be a place to live, and not a form of investment, so we have eliminated the burden of profit on our communities.

  • Self-funded.

    We believe that like-minded people will support our developments, through our crowdfunding initiatives, so we can build communities that can last, while remaining affordable for future generations.

Which community concept interests you?

If you would like to learn more about a specific community development concept, select it from the cards below. Once we have applied for a development and received final municipal/city approval, we will start manufacturing homes and building the infrastructure (roads, water, sewer, etc.) Our target is to build and install one new home per week at each site.


The information we share about the communities on the board, has been prepared after some initial conversations with municipal staff. While we hope to be able to build each community identified, various factors can impact if and when we could construct the community. You can support our efforts by reaching out to the mayor, councilors, and city staff encouraging them to support a development.